Farmhouse Fresh Holistic Facials – Madill, OK


Lettuce Be Clear

Clarifying Facials

$60 / 60 min
Clearly clarified phytonutrient lettuce and micro Kale facial featuring triple glycolic toning. 5 botanicals polish and fast matte hydration with micro kale-infused peptide lotion. The dull, lackluster skin gets a micro-buff with this dual action clarifying mud mask. Red Arizonia Montmorillonite Clay absorbs bacteria and toxins. We end with a spritz of phytonutrients, lettuce and cucumber water.
Moisture Wave

Hydrating and Balancing Facial

$60 / 60 min
Blush Naturally In Madill, OK Skin Care Services
The tides are turning on hydration. Give complexion the gift of glow! This moisturizing affair begins with a green tea and coconut milk cleanse to clear the slate clean for a cucumber water and phytonutrient lettuce tonic. This step helps clarify and balance oils with Farmhouse Fresh grown red lettuce varieties that are rich with antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins A and K! Complexion is buffed smooth with a minty plantfoliant with 5 botanicals, followed by an ultra-smoothing peat mineral vegetative mask. Feel the calm as the vegetative blend work to soothe and balance. All this hydration is locked in with an antioxidant-rich recovery serum, featuring a rich blend of super fruits. Finally, an eye perfecting serum beautifies eyes by instantly minimizing the look of crow’s feet. We end with a cooling wave of hydration in the form of a hydronic moisturizer with time release botanicals – plus Farmhouse Fresh grown watercress extract, blue matcha, chlorophyll and a powerful peptide to fight free radicals and the look of wrinkles.


Twilight Beaming and Radiating Facial
$50 / 60 min
Experience a crisp facial targeted toward dull, lackluster skin and rejoice! You’re greeted by a micro kale extract which cleanses and enriches with a fresh, minty green scent. Pores refine themselves with a clarifying tonic of cucumber water, phytonutrients, red leaf lettuce extract and triple hydroxy acids. Next we exfoliate all the tough skin away with a minty plantfoliant facial scrub with 5 botanicals. Now silky smooth, you’ll bask in the creamy deliciousness of a hydrating avocado butter mask – full of good-for-skin nutrients including potassium along with vitamins K, E, and C! As this cooling blend sets, neck and shoulders are gently massaged with a lustrous, hi-bio hemp oil with CBD, while your complexion find its own natural glow with omega 7 rich Seaberry and bio hemp serum. Then we beautify the eyes with a transforming serum to banish the look of dark circles and fine lines. We finish with an advanced peptide and botanical milk hydrator to turn back time for your skin.
Ahhh! Men
$50 / 60 min
Self-care is for us all! Our facials begin with a depp exfoliation using a fruit blend that buffs away rough patches, followed by a warm thermal mud mask to draw out impurities. Next a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage using an aromatic firming oil made with plum and vitamin E, leaving skin feeling completely refreshed.